Walking and Hiking in the Hills of central Scotland

Looking for accommodation for Walking and Hiking in the Hills of central Scotland ?

Thorntree Barn is the ideal place as a bas for walking and hiking in the central belt of Scotland.

There are several good walks straight from the Barn itself

Walk 1 – to Kippen

A good walk from the barn, is to go down our drive to the Fintry Road and turn right up the hill (south). Continue on the road up the hill and turn left down the Jennywoodston road. This road goes all the way to Kippen  (about 3 miles).  Good pub lunches and suppers in Kippen if you need a reward for getting there. Round trip to Kippen and back (after lunch) is 6 miles.

Walk 2 – Round circuit via Arnprior

Start as though for Walk 1.  After Jennywoodston Farm go down the hill over the little bridge up again and then turn left down the hill. This road is known locally as the Mill Road and it goes  all the way down the hill and comes out in Arnpior Village at what was once a mill, on the main A811 road to Stirling. At the main road in the village turn left, going along the main road for 500 yards and left again opposite the nursery school up the hill to Thorntree (signed for Fintry).  About 2.5 miles.

Walk 3 Round circuit via Claypotts Farm and the Fintry Road

However if you are wanting a longer circular walk you can go on further down the Jennywoodston road towards Kippen until you reach a T junction with a farm up on your left.  Fork right here over a bridge here (the road goes on to the left to Kippen). Go up the hill with gorse bushes either side, and you will come to the main Kippen to Fintry road. Turn right and walk (you have to walk about a mile on the roadside) until you come to the top of the hill and turn right, down the road to Arnprior.  Go past the first farm on the left (Lintmiln) and you will come the Thorntree again!  This is about 6.5 miles, good for bicycling!

Further afield – but a short journey by car !

Picnic and short walk – Fintry Loup (Waterfall)

A good picnic place is at a waterfall up the Denny road from Fintry.  Take the Fintry road (right) at the end of our drive and over the hill to Fintry. In Fintry, turn left at the cross in the centre of the village, out of the main village and continue past the Church and the Clachan Hotel and then turn left up the hill to Denny.  You will be driving up a twisting hilly road. About 2 – 3 miles up this road, having passed a farm called Spittalton on your left (a white farmhouse with a cottage by the roadside),  you will see a small layby on the right with a kissing gate on the right hand side of  the road.  There is a small sign post. Park your car there and walk across the field keeping to the left at first, then down to a stream/river.  If you walk across the river (its fairly obvious) you can climb down and round to the right and there is an amazing pool under a waterfall.  The pool is deep enough for those brave enough to climb round and up and slide down a rock into the pool under the water!!!   Our children used to love it when we lived in Fintry and they were growing up.


Forestry walks – Queen Elizabeth Forest


There are lots of walk in the Forestry Commission woods and forests either at Aberfoyle or on the road to Callander.   You will need to go by car – choose a spot and just walk the forest tracks.  There are maps and brochures available from the Forestry Commission website or at Marshall Lodge above Aberfoyle

Countryside Code

Please be aware of the Countryside Code.


The outdoors is where land managers make a living. It’s the home of Scotland’s diverse wildlife and is enjoyed by the many people who live there and visit it. You can exercise access rights responsibly if you:

  • Take responsibility for your own actions.
  • Respect people’s privacy and peace of mind. When close to a house or garden, keep a sensible distance from the house, use a path or track if there is one, and take extra care at night.
  • Help land managers and others to work safely and effectively . Do not hinder land management operations and follow advice from land managers. Respect requests for reasonable limitations on when and where you can go. Do not walk over growing crops or damage them.
  • Care for your environment. Do not disturb wildlife, leave the environment as you find it and follow a path or track if there is one. Always pick up your litter and take it with you to dispose of safely and properly.
  • Keep your dog under proper control. Do not take it through fields of calves and lambs, and dispose of dog dirt safely and properly. Dog faeces can cause fatal diseases in cattle – as well as in humans.
  • Leave gates as you find them. Always close them properly and securely, if the gate was closed when you arrived at it