Stirling self catering accommodation at Thorntree Barn

How to find the best of Stirling self catering accommodation at Thorntree Barn.

Like most tourists when they are researching a holiday and looking up Stirling self catering accommodation, they go through search engines and look up accommodation and then into their details or phone the different venues and have no success. Nor response from the establishments or you have to deal with slow cumbersome booking systems.

We are on the other hand, at Thorntree,  provide an online booking system which enables you to confirm availability for the nice accommodation that you are interested in.

Further we provide you with friendly telephonic support and email support from a human being and not some answering machine or a robot voice. Also a top of the range online booking system, if you would like to book now please click here:

If you look at our website you will see a whole list of activities to do in Stirling and in the Loch Lomond area. But if you would prefer to chat to one of our staff members we are more than willing to give you tour suggestions. Also more information and hints about where to go and what the best thing is to do at a particular time of the year

We are a three star self catering accommodation in Stirling, we pride ourselves cleanliness , while celebrating nature on magnificent farm. Settled into this little village called Arnprior population 200 .Think the actual cattle and sheep of number as humans, may be the way it should be.

Stirling is only 12 miles away – around 15 minutes by car.  Stirling Castle is the second most visited tourist attraction in Scotland and has extensive parking on the esplanade.  So no need to walk up the hill from the town centre – unless you want to

We would love for you to come and enjoy your holidays at Thorntreebarn in this little hamlet of Stirling with us. 

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